Dacia Burebista Kennel – Petrosani, RO

The kennel Dacia- Burebista Petrosani is located in the mountain area of the county Hunedoara on Cheile Jietului, at the bottom of Parang Mountains. With an experience of more than 20 years of continuous activity, in our kennel you will find one of the biggest and strongest Alabai in the world, guaranteed by the carefully selectioned during the years of the blood lines. Trough this selections we also got the biggest dog in Romania, Burebista-Burat. Unfortunatelly he is no longer alive now, but the blood line he left us as legacy allows us to continue offering dogs way bigger than the country average of the breed. Our dogs are available for controlled breeding, and we also have,on a regular basis, puppies for sale. However, the number of orders is quite high so it is best to make a reservation early.
Our love for the Central Asia shepherd is the motivating factor that makes us always be in the top of preferences for customers who love quality and refinement. Our dogs enjoy the best care, the best food and they are raised in the heart of the mountains, always close to nature. Our selection criteria varies a lot, but we guarantee that we always used and always will use for breeding just dogs that have proven their physical and mentall skills, and whose history we know for at least 5 generations.

Burebista Burat was a Central Asia shepherd like no other. An impressive male of 112 kg and 104 cm height, very strong, brave and loving. His dimensions were very well adjusted, and his health excellent. He is for sure the dog we are the proudest until now, but we don’t disregard his descendants, not in the least, because they are dogs that leave you without your breath when you meet them face to face. We always aim to obtain dogs that achieve at maturity over 90 cm in withers and we always succed. The bloodline of this dog is one that makes a great service to the breed, but it’s not the only one important from our kennel. Any passionate of the breed knows who are Yuzbash, Topaz, Zhan, Tohmet, Buldozer and Ahile, this being only a part of the breeds big champions who’s bloodline you can find in our kennel.
As important in maintaining the bloodline of great champions are the females, that are also carefully selected to maintain the quality of this remarkable dogs. Among the females selected are names like ca Argadash Zhayogul, D-Bagir, Kara-Kele Aisha, Yalpa, Mayra Diessi, B-Eta of Petroșani, Snow White (Roua) of Petroșani and Yala.
How pictures worth more than 1000 words, you can see below a gallery of pictures with a few of the dogs from our kennel, pictures that speak on their own, maybe way better than we did in this text.
We thank you for the time you spent on this site and we hope that the information you found will help in making easier the decision of purchasing a Central Asia shepherd puppy from our kennel.

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