Câinele ciobănesc de Asia Centrală

Short History

The Central Asia shepherd also called Alabai, is one of the oldest dog breeds developed trough natural selection, with a history of over 4000 years that has it’s origins somewhere among the Ural Mountains, Caspic Sea, the north-west border of China and the territories of some countries such as Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Afganistan și Uzbekistan.

Trough their proven ability of survival in rough environmental conditions, this dogs have been used by nomadic people as utility dogs, guard dogs or fight dogs, according to some traditions. In recent history, Alabai breed was used by the soviet in army, and science people have mixed in a chaotic manner the Central Asia shepherd with other local breeds. The introduction of new breeds and genetic diversification led to the appearance of specimens with different measurements and colours, various head shapes and several types of fur.

alabai dogs

Nowadays this dogs are used by people as company pets but also as guard dogs especially in the rural areas, to protect and control herds. Because they are strong and resilient they can travel long distances on any type of land and in any season, proving they are useful around people since ancient times.


Although it varies, the Alabai breed shares some common traits. The males can reach a height of 78 cm and not less that 65 cm in lenght having a weights that can reach 80 kg. The females are usually 20 % smaller.

The Central Asia shepherd dog breed is a big stature breed, with a rugged appearance and a well developed and defined musculature. The head is solid, the muzzle short, the nostrils wide, and the lower jaw prominent. The ears are short and the body is well balanced, with a wide, strong chest. The tail is thick at the base and can be cropped, and the fur has a double layer providing increased insulation and it can have more than one colour.

They are energetic, brave, agile, strong  and independent, but at the same time very loyal, loving and playful if they receive proper attention. These dogs have a well-developed instinct to defend their territory and their owner, being known for their lack of fear in a fight with a potential predator


During the growing period, of up to 3 years, the amount of calcium in the food is very important, so that afterwards the food becomes diversified and nutritious. The ratio of proteins and vitamins must be in accordance with its size, and it may come from dry or wet food, homemade or in the form of grains.


A big stature dog requires more attention and also a space in accordance to its size. They feel like they belong more in the mountain areas where they can assume their role as guardians. They love long and often walks,playing and their owners. Their fur requires brushing from time to time and twice a year it is expected to leave large amounts of hair behind.


Being a smart and independent dog it is necessary to have experience and patience, ideal being to educate him gradually while he grows, starting with the first months of life. If you form a strong bond with him he becomes very loving and protective. It may take a while before he listens to your orders, but when he will, you will have a wonderful furry friend.


As with any breed, there are all kinds of problems that your dog may have, especially if its origin is not controlled. The most common are disorders of the joints and digestive tract. However, being an ancient breed, used with rough enviroment, he is tough and strong and will overcome any hardships as long as he receives proper care.